S.R. 37 Closure

State Road 37 in Martinsville has reopened

S.R. 37 in Martinsville reopened on schedule in late 2021. The full closure allowed crews to work faster and safer, saving a full year of construction. The nearly 5-mile section is signed as the new I-69 with a 65 mph speed limit from the south end of the project, near Indian Creek, to S.R. 44.

Frequently Asked Questions

S.R. 37 is closed in Martinsville, from S.R. 39 to Morgan Street, in 2021. The closure began in early 2021 and continue for most of the year.

The official detour for north/south state highway traffic follows S.R. 39, S.R. 67 and S.R. 144.

The I-69 Project Team coordinated with INDOT’s Seymour District to make sure there are no closures on the major north-south and east-west roads adjacent to the I-69 Finish Line project area during the 2021 closure in Martinsville.

Alternate north-south routes that avoid Martinsville completely include I-65 and S.R. 135, both of which connect to S.R. 46 West into Bloomington to reconnect to I-69. In addition, I-70 West to U.S. 231 South to S.R. 46 East in Spencer will also get travelers back onto I-69 in Bloomington.

While these alternate routes will add more time to your trip, they will avoid any potential delays in and around the construction taking place on S.R. 37 in and north of Martinsville.

Several east-west roads remain open throughout the closure to provide local access across S.R. 37. Connectivity will be maintained at Mahalasville Road/Ohio Street, Grand Valley Boulevard/South Street, S.R. 252/Hospital Drive, S.R. 44 and Morgan Street. Burton Lane and Reuben Drive will remain open most of the closure.

Motorists are encouraged to use navigation with real-time traffic as they adjust to the closure and plan alternate routes.

Trucks should use the official detour of S.R. 39, S.R. 67 and S.R. 144 and other state highways. Only trucks making local deliveries will be able to use Martinsville and Morgan County roads as police are enforcing weight limits.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) completed numerous projects in 2020 to help safely move more traffic through roads expected to serve as alternate routes.

Portions of S.R. 39 in Martinsville were widened to four lanes – two in each direction. The S.R. 39 railroad crossing was also rehabilitated.

New bridges were opened over S.R. 37 at Grand Valley Boulevard, Egbert Road, Perry Road and Waverly Road. New access roads were built to connect the local road network along both sides of S.R. 37. Grand Valley Boulevard was extended to Cramertown Loop and Cramertown Loop was also extended. The new Artestian Avenue connects Mahalasville Road to Grand Valley Boulevard, providing improved access for drivers in Martinsville.

Pavement improvements were made on S.R. 39, S.R. 67 and S.R. 144. Additional improvements were made to S.R. 67 including a left turn lane on northbound S.R. 67 at Crosby Road, the acceleration of two bridge replacements and signal timing improvements north of S.R. 144. Turn lanes were also added at S.R. 144 and S.R. 37.

Crews have also strengthened the northbound shoulder of S.R. 37 and paved emergency pull-offs from Morgan Street to S.R. 144.

Improvements were made to safely move more traffic through downtown Martinsville during the closure including the removal of stop signs at Morgan Street and Jefferson Street, additional turn lanes on Morgan Street and reorienting Jefferson Street.

Temporary traffic signals were installed on S.R. 144 at Mann Road/Centenary Drive and Old S.R. 37/Waverly Park Road and on S.R. 37 at Henderson Ford Road and Banta Road. Signal timing improvements were also made throughout Martinsville to more efficiently move traffic during the closure of S.R. 37. Signal timing was improved along S.R. 39 at Burton Lane, Morton Avenue and Morgan Street. Signal timing was improved along Morgan Street at Home Avenue, Main Street, Hospital Drive and Reuben Drive.

Traffic signal preemption is one of the improvements to assist emergency responders. Equipment was installed on Martinsville traffic signals to give first responders the ability to navigate only green lights during emergency runs.

INDOT installed its first Intersection Conflict Warning System (ICWS) in Morgan County at S.R. 144 and Neitzel/Pennington Road. An ICWS includes signage and amber flashers to alert drivers of approaching traffic at two-way, stop-controlled intersections. A major road, S.R. 144 in this case, has higher traffic volume with no stop sign and a minor road (Pennington Road) has lower traffic volume with a stop sign. Vehicle detection equipment under the pavement allows the system to notify motorists of a vehicle approaching an intersection or waiting at a stop sign to enter an intersection.

Many of these improvements will remain in place and enhance area roads for years to come.

Safety and shortening the construction timeline are two of the main benefits of the full closure. By removing live traffic from the construction zone, it’s a safer environment for motorists and workers. The time savings is substantial. The full closure allows work to be completed a full year faster than trying to maintain limited access during the work in the area.

New pavement and bridges supporting the I-69 lanes are under construction along 17 miles of S.R. 37 from S.R. 144 to the south end of I-69 Finish Line near Indian Creek. Four interchanges will also be built in this area.

The I-69 Project Team has been working with local officials, schools and emergency responders since the planning phase to provide necessary access and reduce delays during construction.

Traffic signal preemption is one of the improvements made to assist emergency responders. Equipment was installed on Martinsville traffic signals to give first responders the ability to navigate only green lights during an emergency run.

Information is shared on a regular basis with ongoing coordination to maintain emergency access to homes, businesses and motorists.

In Martinsville, the new I-69 will cross over S.R. 39, Ohio Street and S.R. 252. The new I-69 will pass under Grand Valley Boulevard and S.R. 44. When construction is completed, Martinsville traffic will be able to enter and exit I-69 at S.R. 39, Ohio Street/Mahalasville Road, S.R. 252/Hospital Drive and S.R. 44/Reuben Drive.

S.R. 37 is reduced two lanes – one in each direction – north of Martinsville between Morgan Street and S.R. 144 for most of 2021.

You can find the latest I-69 Finish Line Traffic updates on the project website, I69FinishLine.com and sign up for regular project updates.

Motorists play an important role in the success of the S.R. 37 closure in Martinsville.

Motorists should plan extra travel time and be patient. Commuters should consider working from home or adjusting their departure times. IU football and basketball fans should plan to arrive or depart to avoid peak traffic times.

Businesses are encouraged to share closure information with customers and suppliers. The Project Team has shared a variety of materials with area businesses that can be made available to customers. The Project Team has also closely coordinated with the Martinsville Chamber of Commerce so businesses can plan accordingly for traffic to and from their businesses. Detoured traffic is encouraged to visit local businesses along the alternate routes.

Closure Maps

Official Detour

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Working Faster, Working Safer
March 2021: S.R. 37 closed in Martinsville in early January, and you can already spot the progress being made on the future I-69. The full closure saves a full year of construction.
Click to download a Closure Information Card and Contact Card. These are two-sided PDF files. The closure contact card is designed to print business card size (3.5 X 2 inches) and the information card is a 5 X 7 inch card. Copies can also be found at area businesses, the Martinsville Chamber of Commerce and Visit Morgan County.