I-69 Construction

Construction Timeline


  • 12-miles of the new I-69 interstate from Martinsville to SR 144 completed and opened.

Spring/Summer 2023

  • New Epler Avenue Bridge opens to traffic in Marion County
  • New Pavement on southbound lanes will be completed, from SR 144 to Olive Branch Road
  • Tree and Shrub plantings along the White River for bank stabilization in Morgan County.

Fall/Winter 2023

  • Southport Road Interchange opens by the end of the 2023
  • New pavement on northbound lanes, from Olive Branch Road to Fairview Road, will be completed by end of 2023
  • Smith Valley Road interchange opens by the end of 2023
  • New sound barrier construction along portion of I-69 throughout the year
  • Landscaping at County Line Road, SR 144 and Smith Valley Road will be installed in 2023


  • New section of I-69 officially opened and shielded in Johnson and Marion counties

Construction Timing Maps

These color-coded maps show, by county, what construction is completed, underway and expected to begin in 2023 and 2024.

You can click on any map to expand and download it.

To View the I-465 Construction Timing Maps, Visit the I-465 Construction Page

I-69 Finish Line Accomplishments

I-69 Finish Line is the sixth and final section of the new Interstate 69 connection between Evansville and Indianapolis. It will begin in Martinsville and end at I-465 in Indianapolis.