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Traffic Access Map

This map helps drivers plan their routes by highlighting long-term closures and restrictions. Roads that are closed, restricted and open to the public are color-coded. Please note that short-term closures and restrictions are not included on this map.

Corridor Highlights Maps

These maps feature an aerial view of key project features, by county, from south to north. The visuals are supplemented with descriptions to help explain the planned project designs.

Morgan County

Johnson County

Marion County

Construction Start Maps

These color-coded maps show, by county, what year the different phases of the project are expected to begin construction.

You can click on any map to expand and download it.

Noise Barriers

View the locations of planned noise barriers along I-69 and I-465, the properties expected to benefit from them, and the heights and length of each barrier section.

Pavement Surface

See the pavement types planned for the driving surface of I-69 Finish Line in this color-coded map.