On Track Project Update: October 18, 2021


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Crews moved mountains of fill dirt to build up the new I-69 lanes where they cross over Ohio Street and State Road 252 in Martinsville. Don’t be surprised when you see trucks hauling some of the soil back to where it started.

In areas with tall embankments, road crews place the weight of extra soil on top and monitor the compaction. This helps ensure that the roadbed has a solid foundation before paving begins.

Watch for increased truck traffic this week crossing S.R. 252 east of the new I-69. Expect a week or more of increased activity as crews remove the extra soil and return it to the neighboring hillside. This will clear the way for grading and paving of the remaining segments of the new I-69 lanes.

  • Crews expect to shift S.R. 252/Hospital Drive traffic north onto new asphalt pavement mid-week. This will advance construction of the new roadway and roundabouts for the I-69 entrance and exit ramps.
  • Bridge crews poured the concrete deck for the I-69 bridges over Ohio Street last week and expect to pour the bridges over S.R. 252 late this week or early next.
  • Voting for America’s Transportation Awards ends one week from today. Click the red bar at the top of our website to vote daily for the Grand Valley Boulevard overpass.
  • Traffic patterns will remain the same this week, but expect to see some changes starting next week. Watch for updates in the next On Track and on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Road crews plan to shift S.R. 37 traffic toward the center median from Olive Branch Road (County Road 800 North) and Smith Valley Road next week.
  • Olive Branch Road east of S.R. 37 and both sides of Bluff/Bluffdale Road at S.R. 37 are expected to close in late October or early November.
  • Nighttime lane closures after 9 p.m. and 20-minute traffic stoppages after 11 p.m. will continue at two locations this week. Bridge crews are constructing the vertical piers for the Keystone Avenue bridge over I-465, and road crews are installing temporary barriers along S.R. 37 between Epler Avenue and Belmont Avenue.
  • You’ll see increased activity along I-465 between the Mann Road and S.R. 37/Harding Street exits. Crews are moving dirt for the future I-69 interchange and a large sewer line.
  • A new access road is expected to open later this month west of S.R. 37 between Wicker Road and Glenns Valley Lane. This will provide access for the Methodist church and nearby homes when Glenns Valley Lane closes permanently at S.R. 37. Check out this video to see the bridge as it took shape.

The actual starting date and duration for work and any closures may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen activities occur.


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