Progress Guide: May 26, 2020


Our essential crews have been hard at work. Drivers will notice the significant progress made on I-69 Finish Line and several traffic changes.

I-69 Finish Line construction has moved into Morgan County north of Martinsville. A permanent 45 mph speed limit extends from the south end of the I-69 Finish Line project at Indian Creek to Waverly Road. This is for the safety of motorists and multiple crews working along State Road 37.

As I-69 transitions back to S.R. 37 north of Liberty Church Road approaching Martinsville, the speed limit is reduced to 55 mph and then 45 mph. Signage is in place to alert traffic to lane shifts and potential slowed or stopped traffic.

Crews have rebuilt the outside shoulders, allowing S.R. 37 northbound traffic to be shifted right. Through traffic should merge left as the right lane is exit only onto S.R. 39/Morton Avenue in Martinsville.

S.R. 37 southbound is reduced to one lane past the S.R. 39 exit. Crossovers are being built to allow S.R. 37 traffic and the S.R. 39 ramps to cross the median. Contractors plan to fully rebuild this section of S.R. 37 in phases, starting with the southbound lanes.

State Road 39, from S.R. 37 to S.R. 67, will be at the center of construction activity for the next several months. Crews are making improvements to S.R. 39 in advance of next year’s temporary closure of S.R. 37. A five-mile section of S.R. 37 in Martinsville will close for most of 2021. Portions of S.R. 39 are being widened to four lanes to safely move more traffic during the closure.

Drivers can expect to see flaggers in the area, shifting traffic patterns and various side streets closed to allow for utility work, patching and pavement widening. Drivers will need to slow down and stay alert as they travel through this busy area.

Motorists should also be prepared for changing access to several businesses along the roadway. Signage will be posted to direct drivers to access points for affected businesses.

The Grand Valley Boulevard overpass is nearing completion and will provide a new east-west connector for drivers and pedestrians. Concrete forms and wooden working platforms have been removed, revealing new concrete decking and railings.

Initial paving has been completed end to end, including the Birk Road intersection near Arby’s east of the overpass. The new Birk Road intersection opened to traffic in early May. Crews are completing the painting, paving, fencing and lighting needed to safely open to motorists and pedestrians. The overpass is expected to open to traffic in late spring.

This will be the first new I-69 Finish Line overpass. It was also the first of 14 traffic signals that will be eliminated along the corridor.

Crews are moving dirt in several areas to begin building new local access roads parallel to S.R. 37 that will connect with future overpasses and interchanges. Crews are driving steel pilings and pouring concrete footers for new bridges over S.R. 37 near Egbert Road, Henderson Ford Road, Perry Road and Waverly Road. Drivers can expect lane closures in the area.

Waverly Road is now closed to all traffic at S.R. 37. At Perry Road, the S.R. 37 median is closed and left turns are prohibited.

Groundwork is starting for new interchanges at S.R. 39, S.R. 44/252, Henderson Ford Road and Ohio Street. Lane closures and rolling closures are possible. New local access roads are being built to connect to overpasses and interchanges.

Traffic crews are installing new poles, support cables, wiring and controller boxes for temporary signals along S.R. 37 and S.R. 144. The signals will help to safely move traffic during the temporary closure of S.R. 37 in 2021. Signals are being installed and improvements are being made at:

  • S.R. 37 at Banta Road
  • S.R. 144 at Old S.R. 37/Waverly Park Road
  • S.R. 144 at Mann Road/Centenary Road
  • S.R. 37 and S.R. 144

Temporary lane closures are possible during the work. Drivers will need to watch for activation of the new signals and be prepared to stop once they’re in use.


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