On Track Project Update: December 13, 2021


The I-69 Finish Line project is upgrading 26 miles of State Road 37 to interstate standards, and we’re getting closer to opening the first 17 miles to free-flow traffic in Morgan County.

Contractors shifted northbound S.R. 37 traffic last week across the center median to new pavement and bridges between Egbert Road and S.R. 144. This section of S.R. 37 is currently two lanes (one in each direction) with a reduced speed limit. The first interchange at Henderson Ford Road is now fully open to traffic with entrance and exit ramps. Click here to view a map of the interchange and new local access routes.

INDOT monitors and coordinates the work of two separate construction contracts in Morgan County. Crews are on track to make the connection and begin the opening process before Christmas for the new I-69 in Martinsville and the new S.R. 37 lanes north of Martinsville.

It will be a multi-day process, much like the start of the Martinsville closure in January, with northbound traffic expected to open first. Southbound will then open to through traffic a few days later.

In the coming weeks, drivers should slow down for highway workers and stay alert as traffic adjusts to changing conditions. Follow I-69 Finish Line on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and click here to subscribe to text message and e-mail updates.

  • S.R. 252 is expected to close near I-69 on Wednesday for up to one week. The official detour for highway traffic follows S.R. 44 and S.R. 135. Watch for flaggers controlling S.R. 252 traffic starting today.
  • S.R. 252 will reopen with roundabouts where the new I-69 entrance and exit ramps will connect. Watch a short video to learn more about roundabout interchanges in Morgan and Johnson counties.
  • Morgan Street and Twin Branch Road access to S.R. 37 will close permanently when the new I-69 reopens through Martinsville. Local access will be from the entrance and exit ramps at S.R. 44 and S.R. 252.
  • Right turns from northbound S.R. 37 to Smith Valley Road are temporarily closed for about two weeks. Southbound S.R. 37 and Smith Valley Road traffic at the intersection are not affected. Northbound S.R. 37 can turn right at the next traffic signal to the north at Fairview Road.
  • Expect changes in business access this week along Huggin Hollow Road north of S.R. 144. Concrete crews are pouring new driveway entrances for the realigned Huggin Hollow Road.
  • Watch for more information in the coming week about S.R. 37 traffic shifts between S.R. 144 and Fairview Road. Both northbound and southbound traffic will be shifted to one side of the road with traffic crossing the center median.
  • The first I-69 Finish Line road and bridge in Marion County opened to traffic last week. It connects Wicker Road to Glenns Valley Lane, allowing the S.R. 37 intersection near Glenns Valley Church to close. Click here to view a map.
  • The new Keystone Avenue bridge over I-465 is expected to open to traffic before Christmas. Removal of working platforms attached to the bridge will require nighttime lane closures on I-465 after 9 p.m.
  • Nighttime traffic stoppages on I-465 are expected to pause for the winter months following the removal of Duke Power lines last week east of S.R. 37/Harding Street.
  • Stay tuned for an I-69 Finish Line project update specific to Marion County later this week.

The actual starting date and duration for work and any closures may be adjusted if inclement weather or other unforeseen activities occur.


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