Waverly Road access to S.R. 37 closes next week

Waverly Road access to and from State Road 37 will permanently close on or after Tuesday, April 14. The official detour for local traffic will follow Big Bend Road and Old S.R. 37.  The full closure will allow crews to begin earthwork on the approaches to the new Waverly Road overpass.

Waverly Road is scheduled to reopen this fall as an overpass crossing S.R. 37. Whiteland Road will also be extended along the highway and connect with Waverly Road this fall, just south of the new bridge.

When I-69 construction is completed in this area, Waverly Road will be the only local street that crosses the interstate between Perry Road and S.R. 144. Waverly Road will not connect with the highway. Local traffic will enter and exit I-69 at the S.R. 144 or Henderson Ford Road interchanges.